Carbon Black

The environmental and production demands on today's global carbon black producers require high performance filter media solutions. Pulse-jet and Reverse Air baghouses are prominent filters used in the industry. Due to high temperature applications, the predominant media is fiberglass material. Finishing/lubrication of fiberglass media is a critical step prior to manufacturing filters. Menardi is the leader in fiberglass technology, and remains the only direct filter bag supplier that finishes fiberglass with in-house technology. The Carbon Black Industry is a process-controlled industry that requires the most durable construction, and the most efficient filter media. Below is a partial list of areas in which Menardi has supplied filtration technology:

Common process problems:

Menardi dust collection products for carbon black:

Example Dust Collection Application
It is accepted practice in carbon black production, when starting a unit with new bags, to experience outlet emissions from the bag filters until sufficient dust cake has been formed and the unprotected interstices of the standard media have been blocked by particulate. This phenomenon and the increased demand for High Structure Black make it difficult to collect the various grades of black, which demands more efficient media for the carbon black industry of today.

Menardi has developed a solution called SDF®, or Surface Densification Fabric which is a new high efficiency filter media that combines our proprietary densification process and chemical finishing to significantly improve all performance characteristics of woven fiberglass filtration media. The significant gain of efficiency is achieved through densifying and controlling the texturized yarns to provide and retain cover of the interstices, providing a permeable efficient dust cake. SDF has been applied to many carbon black plants around the globe with cost saving results.