Waste Incineration

Waste incineration can present unique filtration challenges. As a pioneer in the fabric filter industry, Menardi stands ready to assist with all of your dust collections needs.

Lowering operating costs is one area given top priority in today's market. Menardi is ready to help in areas such as fabric filter media selection and improvement, total system optimization, and baghouse service. Keeping the baghouse operational while meeting tighter EPA emission limits is an ongoing challenge.

Our in-house fabric finishing capabilities allow us to customize finishes meeting specific industry needs. Looking beyond standard woven fiberglass and needled felted media, Menardi's Mikrotex® expanded PTFE products are the most efficient medias available, offering many additional operational advantages.

Common process problems:

Menardi product solutions:

Example Dust Collection Application
Our in-house laboratory analysis of failed filter bags from an incinerator application identified the problem as thermal degradation. Working with the facility and considering all of the operational factors, we successfully converted the filter media used to a chemical resistant woven fiberglass. This media was able to withstand the temperature and chemical challenges, while meeting the plant's emission requirements.