Leak Testing Powder

Leak Testing Powder

For your maintenance program, Menardi Filters can provide fluorescent powder to detect potential leakage in your baghouse.

It is important to keep in mind that leaks in a baghouse do not necessarily point to leaking or faulty filter bags.

Leak Testing Powder identifies leaks in seals, as well as hairline cracks in the tubesheet and at weld points - structural leaks that otherwise often cannot be detected at all unless they are clearly obvious.

Our leak detection powder comes in several different colors to facilitate its use in many different types of environments.

Colors options: Packing:
Yellow 10kg
Green 100kg

How Much Powder Do You Need For The Test?

We do recommend to use 1 kg of powder for 100 sqm filtration area.

UV Light Sources To Use With Leak Testing Powder

A monochromatic UV lights is required to see the fluorescent powder in the baghouse.

Our package includes :

A cordless UV Lamp
From 1 to 5 Watts
IP 65 Protection
Weight 150g
35 m light view