Garant BMD Flat Bags

Available sizes
Flat width Length
372 mm 1.3 m
372 mm 1.8 m
372 mm 2.0 m
372 mm 2.2 m
372 mm 2.5 m

Menardi Filters is the flat bag specialist developed for BMD Garant dust collectors. Our workshop has a dedicated tubing line for these bags.

BMD Garant bags from Menardi Filters are manufactured either with welded seams or stitched seams depending on the material.

With bags, we can offer the corresponding cages and clamps.

With our permanent stock of roll goods, Menardi Filters is able to produce 700 bags per day and deliver within 72 hours in Europe.

Main materials on stock
Fiber Weight Treatment
Polyester 400 g/m² None
Polyester 400 g/m² Oleo and Hydrophobic
PAN 350 g/m² None
PAN 350 g/m² Oleo and Hydrophobic
Blend Aramid PPS 500 g/m² None
Blend Aramid PE 400 g/m² None