Dust and liquid filtration testing

Dust and liquid filtration testing

Technology is evolving rapidly. Today's solutions can be outdated tomorrow. At Menardi, we're on the cutting edge of tomorrow's technologies. Our company's dedication to technical excellence is best shown by our commitment to research and development. Our technical center is equipped to conduct both original research work and to perform complete laboratory services for our customers.

Our primary research is dedicated to the advancement of filtration technology including the development of fabric finishes and finishing techniques, and the discovery and use of new fibers and advanced media designs.

Most importantly, at Menardi, we continue to solve the most challenging filtration problems and compliance support issues confronting our customers.

Menardi's customer support laboratory routinely performs the following tests:

Our laboratory equipment includes:

Malvern MSS0005 Laser Particle Size Analyzer: Measure particle size and particle distribution ranging from 0.05 to 900 µm for dry dispersion and liquid suspension.

Eimco-Leaf Tester: Measure relative value of filtration performance of filter media for given liquid slurry.

Microscopy: Analysis of fabric texturization and filter media defects.

Lab Padder: Applies chemical finishes to filter media and evaluates how chemical finishes will affect fabric properties.

Air Permeability Tester: Determine air-handling capability of filter media.

Mullen Burst Tester: Determine relative strength of fabrics to withstand severe pulsing or pressure.

Tensile Instrument: Provide stretch, elongation and tear data for fabrics.

MIT Flex Tester: Measure relative value of fabrics and finishes to withstand self-abrasion from flexing.

Thread Abrasive Tester: Measure relative value of threads and finishes to withstand self-abrasion.

Chemical Analysis: Determine fabric identification using dye test and burn test.